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July 2017

What are Pneumatic components?

By | July 14th, 2017|101 Knowledge|

Pneumatic components are components of pneumatic systems. Pneumatic system is a branch of engineering that makes use of gas or compressed air. The principles of pneumatic are the same as those for hydraulic, but pneumatic transmits power using a gas instead of a liquid. With pneumatic, air is usually pumped into a receiver using a compressor. The [...]

Tubing O.D. 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/16″, 5/16, 3/8″, 1/2″ push to connect fitting & NPT connection

By | July 1st, 2017|101 Knowledge|

Push to connect fittings is called push in fittings. The fittings we are introducing to you are for pneumatics. Material is plastic, thread part is brass nickel plated. Now the series is very popular in the world. XHnotion has a very wide variety for these fittings, including Tubing O.D. 1/8", 1/4", 3/16", 5/16, 3/8", 1/2" push [...]

March 2017

January 2017

How to use and maintain Modular FRL

By | January 13th, 2017|Products News|

Modular FRL is also called air preparation unit, which is divided with air filter, air lubricator and air regulator(pressure reducer, because they only can reduce the air pressure and can not boost more pressure ). The three units can be use separately or make a combination to use. For examples, air filter+air regulator = filter [...]

December 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

By | December 20th, 2016|Company News|

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017! The Christmas and New Year holiday is coming near once again. We would like to extend our warm wishes for the upcoming holiday season and would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. May your New Year be filled with [...]

October 2016

Solenoid coils Ingress Protection Rating (IP class)

By | October 22nd, 2016|Products News|

Solenoid coil IP Ratings Solenoid coil IP or Ingress Protection are the ratings as prescribed by the EN60529 international standard and BS EN 60529:1992 and Eurozone IEC 60509:1989. The are used to define the levels of electrical sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against ingress or intrusion of external foreign bodies such as hands, fingers, tools, [...]

5 commonly used seals material for solenoid valve seals

By | October 14th, 2016|Products News|

The seals material for a solenoid valve is an important role to ensure long working life for solenoid valve. Selecting the correct sealing material for your solenoid valve requires to consider below factors. 1)Chemical compatibility. 2)Temperature of the medium 3)Working pressure and burst pressure XHnotion will describe the most common 5 seal materials available for solenoid valve.   1. Nitrile Rubber(NBR [...]

September 2016

Cartridge Check Valves Application

By | September 30th, 2016|Products News|

Cartridge check valves (also called non-return valves) are designed for simple installation and offer outstanding performance inside mating housing. They are valves which only allows water to flow in one direction and prevents backflow. Application Examples In water filter system, heating devices, household pipe systems, and water outlet appliances, XHnotion cartridge check valves have wide applications and reliability in a [...]

4 Connection Ways of Solenoid Valve

By | September 22nd, 2016|Products News|

We all know solenoid valve is core of automation system. How to connect solenoid valve? As our experience, we give our customers some refence.   Thread connection   Size from 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2",2" Type: female and male, female is used widely. Standard: BSPT, BSPP, NPT. When you choose a solenoid [...]

Let you become a solenoid valve expert

By | September 21st, 2016|Products News|

Since the industrial revolution, we have been aware of the power and benefits it brings. With the development of the whole society, we can't ignore the fact that industry tries to improve our life. With the blooming of the industry, some complex conditions such as high pressure, low temperature and radioactivity occur. Fortunately, we can [...]

2 structures of Brass pneumatic push in fittings you have to know

By | September 14th, 2016|Products News|

Brass push in fittings get more and more popular in the automation industry. It is more durable and higher pressure resistance than plastic push in fittings. In the market, there is two structure for brass fittings. Different structure lead to different features. Today let’s help you know this difference. First structure: the fittings [...]

Beer and wine multi in one hose for Bars

By | September 9th, 2016|Products News|

Bars multi in one hose is compose of six insides hoses and one housing square tube. They have different colors for different wines and beers. Inside tubes are food grade polyurethane tubes. Outer housing will make you operate easier and clean. Good bar hose gives you more pure enjoyment of your life. Dimensional accuracy, correct functioning [...]

Polyurethane Anti-static Tube

By | September 7th, 2016|Products News|

Polyurethane Anti-static Tube Anti-static polyurethane tubing with a low surface resistance designed to prevent accumulation of electrostatic charges.   Features low surface resistance designed to prevent accumulation of static spark, Anti-static rating: 106 -109 , 103-105 Non-corrosive to electronic leads and components. For more information, please visit our website: polyurethane anti -static tube           [...]

Polyurethane Anti-Spark Hose

By | September 7th, 2016|Products News|

Polyurethane Anti-Spark Hose, suitable for welding workplace with sparks and under mining condition. Hose material is flame retardant polyurethane, flame retardant grade VO(UL94-VD). Long service life and outstanding aging abilities. Excellent resistance to oils, solvents, and other non-aqueous solutions For more information, please visit our website: Polyurethane Anti-Spark Hose

XHnotion customize brass fittings

By | September 2nd, 2016|Products News|

XHnotion would like to custom any fittings with different thread standard and sizes. In USA, Canada, or Mexico, the thread is usually NPT. Our customers also buy some equipment from Asia and Europe, the thread is usually BSPT or BSPP. When the parts is broken, they can not find right thread to replace in local [...]

August 2016

8mm large flow high pressure compact solenoid valve

By | August 16th, 2016|Products News|

Feature Very compact structure. Seals: Viton Pressure: Max 150 bar Orifice: 8mm Material: brass or stainless steel Fluid: air, water, diesel, oil Thread size: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2   The valves also can comply with ASCO coil, as below For more solenoid valves, please visit us XHnotion website or email to sales@xhnotion for pdf catalogue.  

3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm air hose and push in fittings

By | August 9th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

XHnotion pneumatic provide 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm air hose and push in fittings.   For OD imperial size and NPT thread, please refer below Please kindly be noted that above sizes are hose outer diameter. So it is necessary to check below factors. 1) Tube outer [...]

How to choose 5 common pneumatic quick connect interchange profiles in use in the USA

By | August 5th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

There are 5 common pneumatic quick connect interchange profiles  in use in the USA today, and one relic odd ball. They are the ISO 6150B or Industrial profile (Milton “M”),   the Truflate profile (Milton “T”),   the ARO 210 profile (Milton “A”),   and the European 7.2mm High Flow (Milton “V”).     The last [...]

The difference between pneumatic meter out and meter in throttle valve

By | August 3rd, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Pneumatic throttle valve is called speed controller or flow control valve. They are usually positioned near to air cylinder to control the speed of air cylinder. Feature as below 1. Mainly installed in the air actuator. 2. Working Pressure: 0-150 Psi. 3. Working Temperature: 32 -140°F / 0-60℃    The difference between pneumatic meter out [...]

July 2016

Amazing products – Porous air filter can block water pass

By | July 27th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

In the dry state,the high molecular elastomer is not expanded,and the air can through the filter smoothly.     When the filter touches the water,high molecular elastomer is expanded,and the airway is blocked,water can not pass. Self-sealing Filters,Stop Liquids. Self-sealing filters act as a valve. When Liquids touches, it shuts off instantly. It is [...]

The issues you might concern about stainless steel SS316L push in fittings

By | July 26th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

1 - It is very difficult to machine SS316L, can you promise the quality consistent? Answer: we manufacture stainless steel push in fittings strictly as ISO9001:2008 system. With the help of automatic CNC lines and Japan engineer, we can control the tolerances of critical dimensions. Meanwhile, we have digital screen to inspect the dimensions. After [...]

Sintered porous plastic filter

By | July 22nd, 2016|101 Knowledge|

XHnotion sintered porous plastic materials are used for air, gas, oil and water. XHnotion manufacture a wide range of sintered porous plastic materials including standard and custom molded parts plus slabs, rods, bars, tubes and sheets.  Sintered porous plastic materials offer good chemical compatibility,  strength and are resistant to acids, bases, many organic chemicals and [...]

June 2016

Mexico customer visit XHnotion factory

By | June 28th, 2016|Company News|

On June 13th, Monday. Mr. Juan Carlos and his father visited our factory in Yuyao. We cooperate for many years. They are exciting about everything in China. We had a pleasant meeting. If you need to buy pneumatic products and solenoid valve from Mexico directly, I will ask them to contact you. They will give you [...]

Working Mechanism of pneumatic cylinder

By | June 23rd, 2016|101 Knowledge|

A pneumatic cylinder can be found in many different types, like single-acting cylinder, double acting cylinder, rotary air cylinder, rod-less air cylinder and telescoping cylinder. These cylinders are preferred for many reasons that include noise-free operation and elimination of the need to store liquids, as in the case of hydraulic cylinders. An air-based pneumatic cylinder [...]

XHnotion air fitting get TUV ROHS certificate

By | June 1st, 2016|Company News, Products News|

Dear Customer, I am glad to inform you XHnotion air fittings get ROHS approval by TUV. It will help our europe customer win more orders. Restrictions of the Following Hazardous Substances The EU RoHS Directive restricts the use of the following hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Lead (Pb) Mercury (Hg) Cadmium (Cd) Chromium [...]

May 2016

You will know everything about pneumatic mufflers

By | May 26th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Pneumatic mufflers are used for valves, cylinders and pneumatic tools and systems to reduce the noise. In Europe, pneumatic mufflers are also called pneumatic silencers. In the USA, people also called it pneumatic breathers. They are used to reduce the exhaust noise, also called exhaust mufflers, vent mufflers. As OSHA standard 1910.95, a worker must [...]

Stainless Steel Push in Fittings

By | May 24th, 2016|Products News|

XHnotion is suppplying SS304 push in fittings, SS316 push in fittings. A wonderful video for you to check. Feature Fast connection, easy to push in and push out by hands. High temperature up to 180 degree. Good resistance to chemical corrosive environment. Food safe and beverage ussage.

101 knowledge about stainless steel push in fittings

By | May 18th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Stainless steel push in fittings are made to be non corrosive and are highly resistant to aggressive environments, as well as corrosive fluids. These push in fittings ensure easy and fast connection, and removal of a tube easily.     Structure stainless steel push in fittings have six components, which include the washer, releasing sleeve, [...]

Which fitting is better for PTFE tubes

By | May 12th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

XHnotion PTFE tubes is called high temperature hose or plastic tube king which is made from high grade PTFE materials. PTFE is designed for any number of high temperature applications and corrosion environment. But how to connect PTFE tubes? From material, we will consider PTFE fittings or stainless steel fittings. From connection structure, XHnotion usually [...]

Things to know about our custom solutions

By | May 12th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Things to know about our custom solutions If you are inventing some new products or can not find good replacement in your market. You have to find a reliable supplier for your development. When you think quotation from your local supplier is too high.   XHnotion in China is nice choice for you. XHnotion has [...]

Pneumatic quick-disconnect couplers profile

By | May 3rd, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Pneumatic quick-disconnect couplers are the fastest, easiest, and most reliable means of joining pneumatic and fluid transfer lines. All quick-disconnect couplers work on the same principles, but there are a lot of profiles all over the world. It is difficult to know your exact requirement by simple desctription or a picture. XHnotion makes a table [...]

April 2016

Safety Push Button Coupler

By | April 28th, 2016|Products News|

It used for connect and disconnect and its max inlet pressure can reach 225 Psi. It comply with standards ISO 4414 and eliminates all leaks when coupled or uncoupled. SAFETY 1 - Press button once: instantaneous pressure relief 2 - Press button twice: instant disconnection XHnotion S safety coupling incorporate a foolproof mechanical safety mechanism. [...]

XHnotion booth at Air-tech 2016 in UK

By | April 27th, 2016|Company News|

We are proud to attend the exhibition named Air-tech 2016 in Birmingham, UK. XHnotion products quality is high praised and we got a lot of useful advice. We will continue to provide the best quality and service to the whole market. XHnotion had some new products show at this exhibtion 1. Push button safety coupling [...]

air-tech 2016 in NEC Birmingham

By | April 1st, 2016|Company News|

Dear Sir, Glad to inform you that we will attend the air-tech 2016 in NEC Birmingham, UK from April 12th to 14th.  Our booth No. is AF618, Hall 3. Welcome to visit our booth for further discussion. We will display some new items then. Best wishes,

March 2016

DIN74324 for polyamide tubing

By | March 24th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Scope and field of application This standard specifies requirements and methods of test for single-ply tubing of polymide (as in DIN 73378) FOR USE IN THE AIR BRAKING SYSTEMS OF ROAD VEHICLES AND TRAILERS (cf, definition in DIN 70010). The polyamide materials covered by this standard (cf. Clause 6) are resistant to ageing under normal [...]

DIN 73378 for polyamide tubes – PA 12 tubes

By | March 22nd, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Foreward: This standard has been prepared by the Normenausschub Kraftffahrzeuge (Road Vehicles Standards Committee), Technical Committee Polyamidrohre. Scope: This standard specifies requirements for and methods of testing polyamide tubing intended for the transport of fuel in motor vehicles. The specifications of this standard take into account the general operating conditions pertaining to motor vehicles. If [...]

How to test nylon air tubing

By | March 4th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Nylon tubing is also named polyamide tube, which is wildly used for hydraulic and pneumatic connections, chemical plant, medical instrument and food industry. It has long lifespan with its durability, flexibility, anti-pressure, anti-vibration, anti-corrosion and heat-proof features. Various imperial sizes and metric size, and materials of PA12, PA11, PA6 are available for your option. Nylon [...]

February 2016

How to check the quality of PU air hose

By | February 22nd, 2016|101 Knowledge|

PU is short of Polyurethane. Polyurethane combines the best properties of both plastic and rubber. It offers abrasion and tear resistance, high tensile and elongation values, and low compression set. Polyurethane is naturally flexible and exhibits virtually unlimited flexural abilities. Material The two basic formulations of urethane, ester and ether, have some important differences. Water [...]

Critical factors decide high temperature or low temperature solenoid valve

By | February 18th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

High temperature solenoid valve is usually used for steam, hot oil. Low temperature solenoid valve is usually used low temperature liquid CO2 and N2. Selecting fluid solenoid valve in low temperatures or high temperature presents some hard challenges. Users, designers, and manufacturer must give close attention to critical issues of reliability, testing and compliance, variety [...]

what is pneumatic pilot check valve

By | February 4th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Last week we talked about the 3 factors decide the performance of cylinder, now we are going to talk about the pneumatic pilot check valve. Pneumatic pilot check valve use a poppet design and provide a variety of port configurations. They work as a standard check valve, but can be operated with an air pilot [...]

Degreasing for Oxygen Solenoid valve

By | February 1st, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Oxygen solenoid valve(click for more information of two way solenoid valve)  is the valve whose fluid is oxygen. So firstly we need to know the property of oxygen. - the more vigorous the combustion up to explosive levels. - the lower the ignition temperature, up to ignition of materials, that normally do not bum in [...]

January 2016

3 factors decide the performance of cylinder

By | January 29th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Last week we talk about the pneumatic cylinder and it’s advantage, how rod style air cylinder works, today we will discuss about what ‘s main factors decide the performance of cylinder. Here comes the following factors: Force output Key selection criterion is how much force a cylinder generates. Determine this from the air pressure and [...]

Two way solenoid valves

By | January 26th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Solenoid valves (click for more information of maintain solenoid valve) are electronically operated devices that are normally used to control and direct the flow of fluids. They are useful in situations that demand remote control of fluids or other media. There are several types of solenoid valves, and two way solenoid valve is the most [...]

How rod style air cylinder works

By | January 21st, 2016|101 Knowledge|

The rod-style air cylinder(click for more information about the cylinder)  consists of a cylinder barrel , piston, piston rod, both end caps, friction wearing, O-ring. It uses the pressure of compressed air to perform work, specially linear work. A port at one end of the cylinder supplies compressed air to one side of the piston, causing it [...]

Super high pressure solenoid valve

By | January 18th, 2016|Products News|

Super high pressure solenoid valve ( more information click here) – XHnotion offers super high pressure solenoid valve, high temperature solenoid valve, manual operate solenoid valve and explosion proof solenoid valve. Super high solenoid valve can be used for the military,  aerospace,  ship building, nuclear industry, petrochemical, power chemical, light industry, machinery, scientific research, industrial [...]

Tips to Maintain Solenoid Valve

By | January 14th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Solenoid valves(how to buy good solenoid valve)are very commonly used in automation and industrial area. But it will also have some problems like internal leaks or valves not closing properly. And normally these problems are simply caused by debris or sediment lodged inside the valve. For good maintenance of your solenoid valve, here are some [...]

Pneumatic cylinder and its advantage

By | January 8th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

Pneumatic cylinder known as air cylinders, which are mechanical devices use the power of compressed gas to produce a force in a reciprocating linear motion. It come in many basic versions. Such as rod-style industrial cylinder, rodless cylinders and bellows cylinder. They are widely used to generate force and motion on a vast range of OEM equipment. They [...]

How to install FRL unit

By | January 7th, 2016|101 Knowledge|

1.Before installation, you need to make sure that the FRL unit is clean and dust free. And ensure that the working pressure is within the FRL pressure range. 2.When installation, do carefully notice that the direction of air flow is connected properly. Connect the inlet air to the “IN” side. Otherwise,the FRL unit can not [...]

December 2015

7 factors you must know before choosing right directional control valves

By | December 31st, 2015|101 Knowledge|

Directional control valves start, stop or change the direction of flow in compressed air applications. They are one of the most fundamental parts in hydraulic machinery as well and pneumatic machinery. They allow fluid flow into different paths from one or more sources. They usually consist of a spool inside a cylinder which is mechanically [...]

Difference between PA6, PA66, PA11 and PA12

By | December 31st, 2015|101 Knowledge|

Overview Nylon (polymide), is synthesized by Gariel and Maass in the lab in 1889, and commerializd by Dupont in 1930s. Dupont name the fiber Nylon. Commercially available the most popular nylons include nylon PA 6, nylon PA 66, nylon PA 11 and nylon PA 12. The numerical nomenclature for nylon is derived from the [...]

How much do you know the solenoid coil

By | December 29th, 2015|101 Knowledge|

A solenoid coil is a wire tightly wound around a conductive core with a hollow center. When an electric current is passed through the coil, a magnetic field is created, thereby effectively forming an electromagnet. In most cases, the energy provided by the electromagnetic energy is translated into simple linear motion to switch or actuate a [...]

Difference between polyether and polyester

By | December 28th, 2015|101 Knowledge|

There are two main types of polyurethane: polyester and polyether. Both are highly effective in a diverse range of industries. Polyester urethane and polyether urethane are elastomers, meaning that they possess elastic properties, and both offer unique performance properties. What are the main differences between polyester and polyether urethanes? Polyester: Typically used in the softer urethanes, Polyesters have higher [...]

Why is pneumatic fittings popular

By | December 24th, 2015|101 Knowledge|

Today we find pneumatic fittings is not only used in pneumatic field, but also other filed, like water etc. Why is pneumatic fittings more and more popular? Species As automatic machines more and more, there is big demands for pneumatic fittings. People invent a lot of products to meet customer requirements. Such as plastic push [...]

Merry Christmas

By | December 16th, 2015|Company News|

Merry Christmas and happy new year! We would like to extend all my best wishes for your great happiness and lasting health in the upcoming year. And we also would like to take this perfect opportunity to say thank you for your support and trust in the past. Wish you a wonderful new year!

Customer Visit Factory

By | December 3rd, 2015|Company News|

This is the photo of our customer and the general manager. We welcome all of you to visit our pneumatic fitting factory, air hose factory and solenoid valve factory. Sign up the form and get more information about our factory.

November 2015

CE Certificate for PVC braided hose 20 bar

By | November 30th, 2015|Products News|

I am glad to inform you that we have got the CE certificate for the PVC braided hose 20 bar. We are a leading manufacturer of pneumatic products. We have got CE, REACH and ROHS to make sure the products safe and green. We have a range of pneumatic products as below: Pneumatic fittings [...]

Several Types of Solenoid Valve Acting

By | November 30th, 2015|101 Knowledge|

Direct Acting: Direct acting valves have an armature tube that acts directly on the main orifice to control the flow of fluid. Because of this, direct acting valves do not need a minimum pressure to operate. In this construction, the magnetic force of the solenoid acts directly on the valve’s sealing mechanism. The [...]

Nylon Swivel Push in Fitting

By | November 24th, 2015|Products News|

New products online: Nylon Swivel push in fitting Our new products is different from other push in fittings. The body and material is nylon, which makes it much lighter. Besides, the tube can be safely rotated 360° without scratch, for the internal lock claw is rotatable. The fluid can be air, gas, water. XHnotion is one [...]

How to choose air tubes?

By | November 12th, 2015|101 Knowledge|

When you need some air tubes, do you know how to select the best air tube? Choosing tube that works well is not a trivial matter. Here is a guide for how to choose the best air tube for your application. What matters Size: The inner diameter will determine the maximum amount of fluid it can [...]

PTC fair

By | November 4th, 2015|Company News|

As the annual leading industrial event in Asia-Pacific area, PTC ASIA 2015  grandly closed at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Ningbo XHnotion pneuamtic technology is one of the exhibitor. Responding to the state’s “Made in China 2025” Strategy and displaying innovative products and service, we participated in the fair and have showed our new products. XHnotion aims to become [...]

September 2015

tube cutter TC-02

By | September 11th, 2015|Products News|

NEW PRODUCT - TUBE CUTTER ( TC-02) This is our new product - tube cutter. The appearance is transplant with blue. The material is made of PC and blade imported from South Korea. The shrapnel is made of stainless steel 304. The tube cutter's function is cut the tube without damage tube. XHnotion is [...]

July 2015