In the dry state,the high molecular elastomer is not expanded,and the air can through the filter smoothly.

stop water porous filter1



When the filter touches the water,high molecular elastomer is expanded,and the airway is blocked,water can not pass.

stop water 2

Self-sealing Filters,Stop Liquids.

Self-sealing filters act as a valve. When Liquids touches, it shuts off instantly. It is widely installed in hospital waste fluid collecting bags,which are used in hospital to collect waste fluid from patients who are performing surgical operations. The self-sealing filters can filter the air and protect the hospital central vacuum system from contaminants,it also can make the operations more smoothly and safe.


-ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation tate)
-Hospital waste fluid collecting bags(bottles)
-Blood Collcetion tube
-Urine bags and etc
XHnotion can make this porous filter cartrige in different shapes and sizes.
Filter grade: 0.5UM,1UM,5UM,10UM,20UM

Meanwhile, we custom filter as you request.

custom filter

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