Cartridge check valves (also called non-return valves) are designed for simple installation and offer outstanding performance inside mating housing. They are valves which only allows water to flow in one direction and prevents backflow.

Application Examples

In water filter system, heating devices, household pipe systems, and water outlet appliances, XHnotion cartridge check valves have wide applications and reliability in a wide range of clear water systems.


Protect drinking water from contamination by backflow resulting from gravity, backsiphonage or backpressure. (Example: Hose connected kitchen faucet or shower hand spray.)



For the catering industry to prevent siphon electronic equipment for fluid gravity drip. (Example: coffee machine, water machine, beverage machine)



Protect sensitive equipment against possible damage or contamination resulting from a reversal of flow direction. (Example: Water meter, pump or filter.)



Allow complex systems to functio