There are 5 common pneumatic quick connect interchange profiles  in use in the USA today, and one relic odd ball.

They are the ISO 6150B or Industrial profile (Milton “M”),



the Truflate profile (Milton “T”),

Truflate quick coupler


the ARO 210 profile (Milton “A”),



and the European 7.2mm
High Flow (Milton “V”).


Europe Series Pneumatic Coupling EGPF-BR


The last is the Lincoln “long nose” profile.


To select the type of profile for your application, you need to consider the following:

How much air flow?
Durability and material.
Ease of use?

For air flow, the coupling system needs to be rated according to a standard parameter set. Normally 100 PSI applied, with the flow in CFM rated at 10 PSI drop across the
coupler/plug. The high flow design is best, flowing about 70 CFM, Industrial profile and Truflate next at about 32 CFM, and ARO 210 at about 28 CFM. The Lincoln profile
will flow about 22 CFM at best.

For durability you need to look at the plug materials and the internal seals in the coupler. Plugs need to be hard and resistant to deformation when dropped. They need to be made of steel and should not scratch when a file is pushed across the end.
XHnotion plugs and some others are made of hardened steel. Aluminum and brass plugs deform easily and will damage the seals inside the couplers, and should not be
considered in most instances. The couplers need to utilize an o-ring seal that seats on the barrel of the plug. Many inexpensive couplers use a flat gasket that is prone to leaks.

In operation, most couplers use a spring loaded locking sleeve that needs to be retracted then pushed forward to lock the plug in place, often a two hand operation, and this can be difficult with air pressure applied. Some couplers are “push to connect” operation but still use a sleeve to disconnect. Sleeve couplers are notorious for popping off when dropped or slid across the floor. Now push button safety coupling and univeral coupling are also good choice.

If you are looking for the lowest cost in the system and many in all kinds of types, you can choose XHnotion, which carry all the profile with lower prices but good quality.

Last, good advice, please tell us your supplier your exact requirements. In pneumatic field, steel coupling is the cheapest and the most durable.But you use them for water, you will have troubles with steel material. You can consider brass material for water. Meanwhile, pressure, temperature, environment is all necessary to tell your supplier. Good comunication is necessary.

In closing, If you need to buy a few fittings, please buy them in local shop, good support and after sales service. For large quantity, please contact XHnotion pneumatic, we can custom them for you!