Oxygen solenoid valve(click for more information of two way solenoid valve)  is the valve whose fluid is oxygen. So firstly we need to know the property of oxygen.

– the more vigorous the combustion up to explosive levels.

– the lower the ignition temperature, up to ignition of materials, that normally do not bum in atmospheric air.

– the higher the flame temperature and combustion velocity.

Oxygen is not flammable in itself but supports combustion. Oxygen can react with most materials. The higher the oxygen content and/or pressure in a system. Oils and greases will react with gaseous or liquid oxygen at certain pressures and temperatures and ignite. The reaction of the oils and greases and oxygen can cause a fire or an explosion. Because of these potential dangers, process system design and control valve material selection are extremely important. Oxygen service has many hazards and requires careful and knowledgeable design of the process system. Plastic gloves are required whilst handling oxygen valves.

So there are several tips need to mention when operating oxygen solenoid valve.

– Don’t touch it with oil stained gloves.

– Don’t ship the goods with inflammables & Explosives.

– Don’t open the valve in a sudden, so that the friction between oxygen and valve may cause heat which may lead to explosion in such confined space.

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