When you need some air tubes, do you know how to select the best air tube? Choosing tube that works well is not a trivial matter. Here is a guide for how to choose the best air tube for your application.

What matters
Size: The inner diameter will determine the maximum amount of fluid it can carry. The outer diameter will determine thickness of the tube. And choose metric size or inch size according to your needs.
Length: The tube needs to be as long as long as you need it to be.
Pressure: It determines that how high pressure it can bear when working.
Temperature: It determines that how low temperature and high temperature it can withstand when working.
Material: It determines how flexible the tube is and how long it will last.
Fluid: It determines what the media will flow through the tube.

Generally speaking, the diameter determines its capacity to deliver fluid. The larger the inner diameter is, the more fluid it can carry. And the gap between inner size and outer size determines the thickness of the tube. One issue to keep in mind is the volume of air needed by the tool. Some tools need only a small amount of air while others need more, so you would need a large diameter tube or connect to a machine with more horsepower. But you need to remember that larger tubes weigh more, which will will affect the handling of your tools.
A 100 meters tube will reach everything you’d ever want to reach, but it would also be much heavier and bulkier than it needs to be most of the time. Shortly, lighter hoses may be a better option for smaller jobs. At some point it becomes easier to move the connected machines than it is to move the hose.
The material the hose is composed of will determine its performance. Each material performs differently under differing circumstances. The air delivery capacity is the same for all these materials. Let’s take a look at the different materials.[want to read more? Sign up for the newsletter.]

spiral plastic tube nylon tubes PU tubes silicone tubes

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