Air Preparation & Air Treatment Unit & Modular FRL Unit

Air Pressure Regulators, Air Filters, Filter Regulator Units, Air Lubricator, two combination and three combination

XHnotion’s air preparation (FRL) products offer a wide variety of air filter, air regulator, and air lubricator units. Combination units include air filter regulator, air filter regulator mist separator, as well as air dryers, booster regulators, precision regulators, mist separators, and a wide range of accessories. lock out valves , soft start valve and auto drain for complete control over your pneumatic supply.

DC series, replace FESTO series.
AC series, replace SMC series.
AC,BC series, replace AIRTAC series.

Modular structure design, easy replace element.

Air preparation Features

Port size: M5~1”
Max pressure: 1.5 Mpa
Temperature range: 5~60 ℃
Filter grade: 5um, 25um, 40um
Metal cup protective with transparent container – Better visibility & safer
Valve with overflow and all kinds of fixing accessories