Air Actuators & Air Cylinders & pneumatic cylinder

Actuator and Pneumatic cylinder are widely acceptance for they are simple, economical, durable, and easy to install. They can produce thousands of pounds of force over a broad range of velocities. Besides, they can cycle at high speeds without overheating and stall without internal damage. What’s more, they readily tolerate tough conditions such as high humidity and dusty environments.

Air Cylinder Features
Our standard air cylinder features include:
Single acting and double acting;
a wide range of bore sizes from 6mm to 600mm;
Max stroke: 2000mm
multiple mounting configurations and mounting accessories.
Cylinder standard: ISO15552, ISO6431, ISO6432, DIN24335

XHnotion cylinder are designed for precision performance and reliability. XHnotion offer a wide variety of styles, including linear air cylinder, guided air cylinder, rodless air cylinders, rotary air cylinder, pneumatic gripper, and custom air cylinders.