Project Description


Bi-stable solenoid valve is also named latching solenoid valve, pulse solenoid valve, low power solenoid valve. It includes a set of permanent magnets that allow the solenoid to offer hold force even after the power is off. The term Bi-stable is given to this type of solenoid because it has two stable positions. one or two good alkaline battery can drive the solenoid valve for a couple of year.

The first when the solenoid de-energized and plunger is fully extended and second when the solenoid is de-energized and the plunger is held in position by the permanent magnets.


No self heating.
Continues to hold even after the power is disconnected.
Can operate by a pulse signal.
A charge / discharge of capacitor will be enough to set and reset.
2 way normally closed.
Max. Burst pressure: 12 Bar.
Working pressure: NC 0.2-8 bar.
Medium: water
Valve body: POM, nylon, brass, stainless steel
Voltage: 3v, 4.5v, 6v, 9v, 12vdc
Size: 1/2″, 3/4″


latching solenoid valve

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