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Do you often have problems in distinguishing different air tubes?

Is there too small profit margin for you from local market?

Are you often refused by the suppliers for the reason of small quantity order?

Do you have trouble with finding reliable suppliers?

Now all the questions have its solution. Choosing XHnotion, you will get:

√ High quality with fair price

√ Small quantity order support

√ Reply you within 24 hours

√ 1 year quality assurance

√ Free samples 

Can’t distinguish the air hose? Do you know what matters in choosing the best air hose for your application? Size, length, pressure, temperature, material and fluid are the most important. The material of hose will determine its performance. Each material performs differently under different circumstances.

What air tube you can get from XHnotion as listed:

PU tubePolyurethane Tubing: PU tube is short for polyurethane tube, which can be divided into polyester and polyether due to its difference in material. The polyester is the regular one and its fluid can only be air. Instead, the fluid of polyether can be both water and air.



PE TUBE Polyethylene Tubing: PE tube is also named polyethylene tube with itsfluid being air and water. Generally speaking, the polyethylene in PE tubes means LDPE ( Low DensityPolyethylene ).



NYLON TUBE Nylon tube is also called polyamide tube with 3 different materials of PA12, PA11 and PA6.For the quality, the PA11 is the best and the PA6 is the worst in comparision.




PVC braided tube is made of PVC with polyester yarn reinforced.





Rubber hoses are the traditional choice. Most hoses in use today are made from rubber, as they are suitable for a variety of applications.



PTFE TUBEThe material of PTFE tubes is teflon, which enjoys the “plastic king” laudatory title for its great corrosion function.




SILICON TUBEThe silicone tube is considered as food graded tube for it being non-toxic, tasteless and physically stable.

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