direct acting solenoid valve








Direct acting solenoid valve


For direct acting solenoid valve, the valve body is very small, as well as the orifice and thread. So we have 2N compact series ,XL series and 2W025-06 and 2W025-08 of 2W series. The XL series solenoid valve is designed for steam, water, and air in general and made of high temperature H class material and also has excellent performance of
water proof. It is widely used for electric iron, coffee machine, welding machine, etc.

direct lift solenoid valve







Direct lift solenoid valve


We have 2N series for direct lift solenoid valve. 2N series solenoid valve acts as a direct valve, which is the most popular solenoid valve in the world. The protection class is IP 65 and has good performance in water proof and dust proof. The valve has a fast response acting but bigger power consumption in comparison to XP series.

pilot operated solenoid valve







Pilot operated solenoid valve


We have XP series, 2VP series. XP series solenoid valve is a pilot operated valve, one of the most widely used solenoid valve, which decides its specification of lower power consumption and higher working pressure. It can not works until the minimum working pressure up to 0.5 bar. 2VP series normally closed solenoid valve are commonly used in automatic irrigation systems. This valve can be equipped with latching coil and normal coil as well.

solenoid valve







Special purpose solenoid valve


We can change the technical parameters tomeet different demands. And
the materials can also be changed as your request. Or we can custom the valve for you as your drawing or we make drwing as your samples.

pneumatic angle valve







Pneumatic angle valve


BA series pneumatic angle valve has Y-shape, which can enlarge the flowing section and raise the flow more by 30%. It has two working types, double acting type and single acting type. Valve stem material is SS316L with strong anti corrosive ability. PTFE seals with wedge shape helps the stem adjust automatically and maintain freely. XHnotion ais
to provide complete system and application solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.