Solenoid coil IP Ratings

Solenoid coil IP or Ingress Protection are the ratings as prescribed by the EN60529 international standard and BS EN 60529:1992 and Eurozone IEC 60509:1989. The are used to define the levels of electrical sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against ingress or intrusion of external foreign bodies such as hands, fingers, tools, electrical wire, dust and water or moisture.

The first number relates to mechanical penetration and the second number is the moisture penetration – the higher the number the greater the protection. .


Degrees of Protection To DIN 40050 (IP):

Example – IP65 6 = First code letter, 5 = Second code letter


First Code letter: Degrees of protection against contact with foreign matter

0 – No protection of the equipment against the penetration of solid foreign matter
1 – Protection against large foreign matter over than 50mm
2 – Protection against medium sized foreign matter over than 12.5mm
3 – Protection against fine foreign matter over 2.5mm
4 – Protection against granular dust deposits over 1.0mm
5 – Dust production
6 – Dust Tight


Second Code Letter: Degrees of protection against water ingress

0 – No protection
1 – Protection against dripping water falling vertically
2 – Protection against water drops falling diagonally
3 – Protection against spraying water
4 – Protection against splashing water from any direction
5 – Protection against jets of water from any direction
6 – Protected against powerful water jets from any direction
7 – Protected against temporary immersion in water

8 – Protected against the effect of submersion



Typical examples of IP protection are IP54 = dust protection and water splashing from any direction or IP65 dust tight and protected from water jests from any direction. IP68

XHnotion coil usually have three IP rating, they are safe and reliable

1. 2W coil, IP54, mostly used for Asia and USA market, lead wire connection2w-s2w-08s


  1. 2N coil, IP65, mostly used for Europe market, DIN connection



  1. UW coil, IP68, used for fountains. It has a long wires to