Multipurpose Solenoid Valve

XHnotion multipurpose Solenoid valves are highly engineered products that can be used in many diverse and unique system applications. A brief overview of the functional varieties of solenoid valves follows.

High pressure solenoid valve – Max pressure 800 bar XLG series
High temperature solenoid valve – Max temperature 250 ℃,XLH series
Bi-stable solenoid valve, it is called latching solenoid valve, which save power, 2LP series
Drinking water solenoid valve, it is used in drinking water or beverage machine, 2C series.
Underwater solenoid valve, it is for fountain, coil is IP67, UW series.
Irrigation solenoid valve, it is made of PA66. They are usually used for agriculture irrigation, 2WP series
Timer drain solenoid valve, it is suitable for automatically drain of water and irrigation system in many areas. XCT series

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