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January 2016

3 factors decide the performance of cylinder

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Last week we talk about the pneumatic cylinder and it’s advantage, how rod style air cylinder works, today we will discuss about what ‘s main factors decide the performance of cylinder. Here comes the following factors: Force output Key selection criterion is how much force a cylinder generates. Determine this from the air pressure and [...]

How rod style air cylinder works

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The rod-style air cylinder(click for more information about the cylinder)  consists of a cylinder barrel , piston, piston rod, both end caps, friction wearing, O-ring. It uses the pressure of compressed air to perform work, specially linear work. A port at one end of the cylinder supplies compressed air to one side of the piston, causing it [...]

Pneumatic cylinder and its advantage

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Pneumatic cylinder known as air cylinders, which are mechanical devices use the power of compressed gas to produce a force in a reciprocating linear motion. It come in many basic versions. Such as rod-style industrial cylinder, rodless cylinders and bellows cylinder. They are widely used to generate force and motion on a vast range of OEM equipment. They [...]