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August 2016

The difference between pneumatic meter out and meter in throttle valve

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Pneumatic throttle valve is called speed controller or flow control valve. They are usually positioned near to air cylinder to control the speed of air cylinder. Feature as below 1. Mainly installed in the air actuator. 2. Working Pressure: 0-150 Psi. 3. Working Temperature: 32 -140°F / 0-60℃    The difference between pneumatic meter out [...]

May 2016

Stainless Steel Push in Fittings

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XHnotion is suppplying SS304 push in fittings, SS316 push in fittings. A wonderful video for you to check. Feature Fast connection, easy to push in and push out by hands. High temperature up to 180 degree. Good resistance to chemical corrosive environment. Food safe and beverage ussage.

December 2015

Why is pneumatic fittings popular

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Today we find pneumatic fittings is not only used in pneumatic field, but also other filed, like water etc. Why is pneumatic fittings more and more popular? Species As automatic machines more and more, there is big demands for pneumatic fittings. People invent a lot of products to meet customer requirements. Such as plastic push [...]

November 2015

How to choose air tubes?

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When you need some air tubes, do you know how to select the best air tube? Choosing tube that works well is not a trivial matter. Here is a guide for how to choose the best air tube for your application. What matters Size: The inner diameter will determine the maximum amount of fluid it can [...]

PTC fair

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As the annual leading industrial event in Asia-Pacific area, PTC ASIA 2015  grandly closed at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Ningbo XHnotion pneuamtic technology is one of the exhibitor. Responding to the state’s “Made in China 2025” Strategy and displaying innovative products and service, we participated in the fair and have showed our new products. XHnotion aims to become [...]

September 2015

tube cutter TC-02

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NEW PRODUCT - TUBE CUTTER ( TC-02) This is our new product - tube cutter. The appearance is transplant with blue. The material is made of PC and blade imported from South Korea. The shrapnel is made of stainless steel 304. The tube cutter's function is cut the tube without damage tube. XHnotion is [...]