With the continuous improved technology in pneumatic air hose, pneumatic air hose is becoming more and more popular in many industries. But seldom of people know how to choose different pneumatic air hose. Now I’m going to tell you what factors decide the performance of air hose. Before I analysis the elements, I need to introduce the species of pneumatic air hose first. There are 7 kind of air hose in pneumatic area, which is PU tubing, PE tubing, Nylon tubing, Silicon tubing, PTFE tubing, Rubber tubing and PVC tubing. The size, length, pressure, temperature and material decides what they looks like. But today I will analysis how they show just in the following area.

Model PU tubingPE tubingNylon tubingSilicone tubingPTFE tubing Rubber tubing PVC tubing
Fluidair, waterair, waterair, water, oil air, water, ozoneair, water,
oil,corrosion fluid,
air, water, oil, gas0~300
Working Pressure(Psi)0-1500~1200~3600~1200-~1500~120-10~80
Temperature(℃ )
Flexibilityleast flexiblemost flexible
Corrosion Resistanceno nonoyesyesnono
Environment Friendlyyesno yesyesyesnono
Pricemost expensivecheapest