XHnotion would like to custom any fittings with different thread standard and sizes. In USA, Canada, or Mexico, the thread is usually NPT. Our customers also buy some equipment from Asia and Europe, the thread is usually BSPT or BSPP. When the parts is broken, they can not find right thread to replace in local market. Although the fittings are not worth too much, it is big headache to connect if no right thread. Our customer find XHnotion, and solve the problem easily. They also find XHnotion is supplying all pneumatic components and solenoid valve. 

With the help of  XHnotion catalogue, they easily find right models to purchase. By simple list in excel or word, XHnotion sales will make an invoice for customer to pay, and combine all the goods shipped by courier door to door. In this mode, XHnotion helps customers save much time and cost. XHnotion is providing unbelievable value to every customer.

XHnotion would like to offer all the solutions for customers in pneumatic automation and robots.

Below is a small example XHnotion can make for our customer, we make two kinds of thread standards on the same fitting to connect equipment and components.

The actual product


XHnotion special brass fittings_meitu_3